Blood Python Genetics

This is a list of blood python genetics of some of the morphs/combination and localities that are out there.

If you have some thing that you would like to add to this list please feel free to email us.

Matt and Tom

Python curtus:
Normal: Chrome/orange/black head
T+ albino: Recessive (Caramel)
Clown/Leopard: unproven (But looks like recessive, from what we have found here at B.P.UK)

Python brongersmai:
Yellow: (Normal)
Bangka locality: (Has the more extreme red snakes)
Malaysia locality: (Has the more extreme yellow snakes)
Matrix: Co-dominant
Ivory: Super matrix
Batik: Co-dominant
Super batik: Super batik
Goldeneye: Co-dominant
Magpie: Super Goldeneye
Carmine Goldeneye: Co-dominant
Aztec: Dominant/Co-dominant (blood pythons Uk line)
Silver: Dominant/Co-dominant (blood pythons Uk line)
Genetic stripe: Co-dominant (blood pythons Uk line)
Super stripe: Super genetic stripe (blood pythons Uk line)
T+ albino: Recessive
T+ albino: Recessive (Cherry Bomb)
T+ albino: Recessive (Tomato bomb)
T+ albino: Recessive (Blond)
T- albino: Recessive
Wrought Iron: Dominant/Co-dominant
Toba: Dominant/Co-dominant
Flower: Recessive
Slackline: Levels 1,2,3
Hypo: Un known (blood pythons Uk line)
Pied: Un known
Striped: Line bred

Pixel: GoldenEye x Batik
Batrix: Batik x Matrix
T+ Batik: T+ x Batik
T+ GoldenEye: T+ x Goldeneye
T+ Ivory: T+ x Ivory (Super matrix)
T+ matrix: T+ x matrix
T- Ivory: T- x Ivory (Super matrix)
T- Matrix: T- x Matrix
Python breitensteini:
Ultra Breit: Recessive (VPI Line)
Super ultra breit: Recessive line bred (VPI Line)
super stripe: Recessive (VPI line)
Ultra Breit: Recessive  (blood pythons Uk line)
Super ultra breit: Recessive line bred (blood pythons Uk line)
Super duper ultra breit: Recessive more refined line bred (blood pythons Uk line)